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Hi, we’re Bec & Sal, twin sisters from Melbourne who have started a fashion label called Colour Coded. This is us.

A bit about us;

We’re 29 year old twin sisters from Melbourne. We have two sisters (yep; 4 girls) which before you think ‘your poor dad’ he bloody loves it. Sal and I have been talking about doing a fashion label for years and we finally decided it was time to stop talking about it this year.

Neither of us has a background in fashion although we love it. Sal is a P.E/Outdoor Ed teacher and I’m a Disability Support Worker.

Why are we doing this?

Why not? We love colourful clothing and we try wherever possible to buy ethical and sustainable clothing, but we found that the choices available that pairs the two of these together isn’t many. We have a shared love of the environment and wanted to develop a line that not only looks and feels good but has minimal environmental impact.

We’ve founded Colour Coded with the intention of creating bold, distinctive clothing that has a positive impact on the community and the environment. We’re committed to our collections being made in Melbourne, using natural fibres and produced in limited runs.

Why ‘Colour Coded’?

Well after spending hours and hours discussing brand names and neither of us liking the same one (funny that- so unlike us!) ‘colour coded’ came up. Our brand is centred around being bright, bold and colourful, but we also wanted it to represent us as sisters. Our mum would always say that we came colour coded as twins so it was easy for her to tell us apart. When you meet us you’ll see this is ridiculous because we couldn’t be more different. Sal has brown hair and brown eyes and I (Bec) have blonde hair and blue eyes. We used to roll our eyes every time mum would say this so we thought what better name to give our brand then this! 

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  • First of all… “ your poor Dad” yes I can see why people would say that and what about “poor uncle John, your favourite uncle in the UK”
    We have both seen the effort you have put into this venture, and can only see one outcome and that is an overwhelming success. You both certainly deserve it

    John & Pat Voak

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