Our Story

Colour Coded Clothing is a bit like walking into your surprise party. 

Loud, bright, fun, and all for you. Someone is popping a champagne. Someone else is starting the d-floor. And everyone is wearing their favourite party outfit. You just know you’re going to have a great time. 

Hi, we’re Bec & Sal, and this party was our idea. (We’re twins, so that happens sometimes.) 

About two years ago we realised we could no longer contain our love for fashion, or the planet. For us, these two things go hand-in-hand. Like weekends and wine. Colours and prints. Melbourne and brunch. Bec & Sal. We were always destined to do something about it: Sal practically lives in her wardrobe (not really, she has a whole house, but she loves nothing more than putting together a killer outfit), Bec is incredibly passionate about making a difference in the world, and we both agree we can all do a little better when it comes to minimising our impact. (And minimising our chocolate intake but hey, baby steps.)  

After some serious meetings (and not-so-serious dressing room montage moments), Colour Coded exploded into our lives — and yours — bringing with it bold, colourful and distinctive pieces and hand-drawn prints. We design each and every piece for women like us: creative individuals that don’t want to choose between being cool, being comfy and being kind to the planet. 

Our (Coloured) Code of Conduct.

Let’s face it: there’s nothing sustainable about fashion, but there’s a whole lot more we could be doing to reduce its footprint on the world. Our pinky promise? We keep it local, manufacturing our collections in Melbourne so we can maintain an ethical supply chain and support other small businesses. We use sustainable fabrics and natural fibres, sourcing materials locally where possible. And we produce in limited runs, because we all know the negative effects of mass produced clothing. Right now, Mother Earth has a bigger wardrobe than all of us combined — and that is just not okay.